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Christian P. Marriott

Hey there, I’m Christian. I’m the founder of The Big Fruit and live in Somerset, England. I am passionate about helping people to get their bodies back to working in a natural state. I am a fan of fitness, yoga, and coffee. I’m also interested in design, innovation and food.

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Why Coconut Oil Should be in your Kitchen and Bathroom Cupboards

by Christian P. Marriott
Last updated 20 May, 2017

The Coconut and It’s Amazing Oil

Do you want soft skin, clean teeth, superior hydration, and a stronger immune system? The fact that you can get all of that from one tropical fruit is what makes the humble coconut ‘Cocos nucifera’ so amazing.

Most of the coconut palm trees in the world grow in Indonesia, the Philippines, India, and Sri Lanka, where it has been the chief form of sustenance and medicine for thousands of years. It was christened ‘coconut’ in Europe hundreds of years ago, after the Spanish-Portuguese word for head or skull, ‘coco’.

The term Coconut is derived from the 16th-century Portuguese and Spanish word coco meaning “head” or “skull”, from the three indentations on the coconut shell that resemble facial features – Dalgado, Sebastião

While those who live near the palms have always known it as the tree of life, larger segments of the world have misunderstood or overlooked it for ages. It’s only natural that as transportation  and the spread of information have advanced, the truth about the coconut is emerging.

Populations that ate coconut daily for centuries didn’t deal with high rates of obesity, heart disease, and cancer. In fact, it’s largely responsible for their survival through the ages. Coconut accounted for the majority of their fat intake, and they remained in far better health than Western nations. Extensive research conducted in the 1980s concluded that those regions who remained faithful to their coconut-heavy diets – and did not readily adopt a new Western diet – maintained the lowest numbers in obesity and heart disease related deaths.

Beautifully Wrapped – A Lesson in Food Packaging

If only all food could be packaged like the coconut. Nothing gets thrown away – Christian P. Marriott

Do you worry about waste? There’s a use for every single bit of the coconut. The coir, part of the husk covering the shell, is an extremely durable and absorbent fibrous material that is used to make ropes, insulation, mattresses, and much more. The coir is also used in gardening as an alternative to less-sustainable peat, and as potting media for container plants.

The shell of the coconut can be repurposed for musical instruments, bowls, buttons, and another detox superstar- activated charcoal. Beneath the shell, a single coconut can provide flour, milk, cream, oil, and water. Add some sugar from the nectar of the coconut palm’s flower, and voila, you’ve got a cake, all from one tree.

Coconut Oil In Your Diet

Coconut Oil – The Conspiracy

There are those who are still wary of coconut’s saturated fat content, but it’s important to remember that the coconut is unlike any other fruit – the coconut is classified as a drupe from the same family as peaches and apricots. In the past, coconut’s saturated fat content was bandied about by corporations who had vested interest in the manufacture of hydrogenated, trans-fat laden oils from soybeans and corn. Adding insult to injury, the coconut oil studied back in the 1950s was hydrogenated as well, and certainly does not resemble how tropical populations, let alone modern populations, typically consume coconuts.

Despite these revelations, the stigma associated with coconuts – and more specifically, coconut oil – is persistent. Those erroneous claims made 60 years ago were not only detrimental to the reputation of the coconut, but to the health of untold millions. While just a few men concerned with their profits are responsible for this, people today are taking the time to learn more, read the latest research, and think for themselves.

Coconut Oil – A Healthy Fat

Since attitudes about health and diet have evolved, you’ve likely heard the phrase, “good fat”. Nature’s finest source of antimicrobial lauric acid, pure and unrefined coconut products are among the best sources of good fat in existence.

The flesh of the coconut, from which we get milk, cream, and oil, does contain saturated fats in the form of MCTs (medium chain triglycerides), which break down into medium chain fatty acids. These fatty acids are more readily processed by the body than LCFAs (long chain fatty acids), which are rampant in foods via vegetable oils and animal products.

Research indicates that good saturated fats do not end up as stored fat on your body, as other processed fats do. Rather, your body knows exactly how to use it, boosting your metabolism, helping you heal internally, supplying you with energy, and promoting optimum brain function. Coconuts are also naturally cholesterol-free and contain no trans fats.

There’s Even More Inside

Coconut water, found inside young coconuts, is an ideal restorative drink for active people. It has more potassium than bananas, is low in carbohydrates, and contains less sugar than sports drinks. It’s naturally isotonic and rich in vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.

The 36 grams of dietary fibre in every coconut serves you in multiple ways. Dietary fibre supports weight loss, stable blood sugar, and the health of your entire digestive system. A happy digestive tract will appear on the surface as smoother, clearer skin, but you don’t have to eat and digest coconut to reap those rewards.

Coconut Oil for Personal Care

Coconut Oil Spa

A Natural Cleanser, Hydrator and Rejuvenator for Your Skin and Hair

The majority of mass-market grooming and hygiene products have a tendency to cause itching, dryness, redness, and rashes. This is because they’re teeming with ingredients that are actually classified as irritants, and it’s hard for a lot of us to predict how and when we’re going to have a negative reaction to them. Not only does coconut do a better job than many formulas at their intended purpose, it soothes the unhappy skin those products left behind.

In the last decade, a single jar of virgin coconut oil has replaced dozens of products that used to dominate vanities and cupboards the world over. And as it becomes more ubiquitous, we continue to discover more and more uses for it. The abundance of antioxidants and lauric acid found in coconut make it really powerful for so many practical purposes.

Its antibacterial and anti-fungal properties make it a great natural deodorant. Deodorants made with coconut oil – instead of neurotoxic aluminium formulas – allow the body’s natural detoxification process to work with no odour, no irritation, and remarkable, noticeable skin conditioning.

Woman Oil Pulling

A Natural Oral Detox

Coconut oil is the most commonly used oil for oil pulling because it is able to seep into every cleft and crevice to attack bacteria, making breath fresher and teeth whiter. Regular practitioners declare that oil pulling with coconut oil can also reduce inflammation in the body and clear the sinuses, among many other benefits.

Popular for its taste and huge lauric acid content that acts as a magnet to bacteria, toxins and fungi.

The Beauty of Coconut Oil

The reemergence of coconut oil in society has made it the most popular carrier oil used in recipes for all-natural body scrubs, soaps, lotions, insect repellents, makeup removers, and lip balms. It seems there’s little it cannot do.

As a beauty product, coconut oil is both repairing and protective. It’s an inimitable deep conditioner and finishing product for the hair. The structure of coconut oil is unlike most other oils in that it can actually penetrate the shaft of the hair, sinking in to strengthen strands from within while preventing future protein loss. The same applies to your skin; it can drink up coconut oil and absorb the antioxidants, whereas regular creams and lotions just coat the skin with a sticky or filmy residue.

Choosing Your Coconut Oil

It’s essential to choose the proper kind of coconut oil. Virgin coconut oil should be used for hair, body, oil pulling, and raw consumption. Virgin coconut oil undergoes no chemical treatment during processing, and the meat it’s extracted from is fresh and raw. Only virgin coconut oil has all of the good benefits you’ve read about.

Refined coconut oil is sometimes chemically treated and known as RBD oil, refined, bleached, and deodorised. This oil won’t have any of coconut’s characteristic flavour or aroma, so if you’re stuck with some, it’s totally acceptable for cooking and baking; the smoke point of the refined stuff is even a little higher.

Read labels, and never buy a refined oil that has been hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated. A little research can usually tell you all about how that brand’s oil was processed. Always strive to purchase coconut oils that are unrefined, organic, and, if the info is available, ethically sourced.

Wrap Up

A healthy fat to boost our bodies, a natural oral detox that even whitens teeth, a rejuvenator for our skin and hair. What’s not to love.

The Coconut is now a mainstay of healthy western diet, cosmetics and remedies.

The age of the coconut being treated as a rare tropical delicacy is long gone. Billions of pounds worth of coconuts and coconut-based products are exported annually as the rest of us in colder climes learn of their versatility and value.

There’s no other food on this planet that can offer the distinct benefits the coconut does, from remedies, cleansing and moisturising, to food, water, and shelter. It’s time to start experimenting – one tablespoon of coconut oil can be the boost you need for your morning coffee or smoothie, or try replacing your regular lotion with it. If you’re beginning to make the most out of what nature has to offer, start by taking a look at the coconut.

Do you use coconut in your diet, for oil pulling, as a cosmetic or remedy? Please share your experiences and help spread the word about the health benefits of the amazing coconut.

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Christian P. Marriott

Hey there, I’m Christian. I’m the founder of The Big Fruit and live in Somerset, England. I am passionate about helping people to get their bodies back to working in a natural state. I am a fan of fitness, yoga, and coffee. I’m also interested in design, innovation and food.

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