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Christian P. Marriott

Hey there, I’m Christian. I’m the founder of The Big Fruit and live in Somerset, England. I am passionate about helping people to get their bodies back to working in a natural state. I am a fan of fitness, yoga, and coffee. I’m also interested in design, innovation and food.

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6 Reasons Why Oil Pulling Will Boost Your Self Confidence

by Christian P. Marriott
Last updated 25 April, 2016

Socialising with friends and loved ones can and should be some of our favourite and most enjoyable times. Mixing with others that you want to spend time with should be something you look forward. But, even the tiniest personal flaws, a blemish, even chapped lips can make someone overly self-conscious.

Being uncomfortable with yourself can make social meets unduly stressful and others may see you acting awkward or being defensive. Magnify this awkwardness with bad breath, stained teeth, bad skin etc. and the joy is quickly sucked out of these social events. Or even worse, you avoid them altogether.

You may have heard about Oil Pulling. If so, white teeth were more than likely mentioned in the same sentence. But, is that really all oil pulling does? As far as social confidence goes, whitening teeth is just the tip of the iceberg. Oil Pulling can help bring you out of your introvert shell and let you enjoy the experiences that come, without stressing about your skin, your breath or your smile.

We think oil pulling has many benefits, but here are our top 6:

1.  Oil Pulling Whitens Teeth – Be Camera Ready all the Time

“A smile is the universal welcome.” – Max Eastman

A smile can come in very handy in social situations, especially when the photos start being snapped. You never want to feel insecure about the properties of your smile, and having whiter teeth can make all the difference. Oil Pulling works towards a whiter, more beautiful smile.

Because plaque, a contributor to stained teeth, is made up of colonized bacteria surrounded by fatty compounds, the fats in oils work to attract the compounds and the bacteria from the surface of the teeth. Swishing high quality oils around your mouth acts as a magnet to bacteria and toxins which removes plaque and even tartar, resulting in a whiter smile.

Also, the cleansing of the bacteria from your gums will make them pink and healthy looking, also resulting in whiter looking teeth.

2.  It Freshens A dogs mouth has less bacteria than our own.the Breath – A Natural Approach to a Fresher Breath and More Confident You

So you may have to roll out of bed and oil pull first thing in the morning. But afterwards you can crawl back in and snuggle next to your squeeze, perfectly kissable.

Good pulling oils are antibacterial and anti-microbial which is essential to keeping your mouth free of the bacteria that causes bad breath and gingivitis.

In a study of oil pulling vs. chlorhexidine, the results showed that oil pulling was an equally successful match for significantly reducing plaque index, gingival index, objective and subjective organoleptic (sense organ) scores, and anaerobic bacterial colony count.

A 100% natural approach to mouth care removing the cause not masking the odour. Oil Pulling takes the cake in our books for the safest and smartest choice for keeping your breath fresh.

3.  Oil Pulling is an Effective Tongue Carpet Cleaner – Swishing for Kissing

Your kissing experience will be perfected for both you and your partner when you show up to the scene with a clean tongue and ultra-sensory taste buds.

The practice of swishing oil in your mouth acts as an active cleanser of the tongue’s surface, removing the layer of grime and the bacteria at the back that can cause bad breath. With that pesky layer cleansed you will notice that your sense of taste has also improved, makes kissing and for that matter, eating so much more enjoyable.

It is also important to keep your tongue nice and clean as it is a gateway to your internal organs. Daily swishing will be gently stimulating and detoxifying them.

4.  It Gives You Softer Lips – Less Need for Lip Balms/Salves and More Time for Smooching and Smiling

Nothing says ‘smooch me’ like a pair of soft, supple lips. Oil Pulling can actually help hydrate and moisturize your lips for some super kissable puckers. So make chapped lips and sticky lip balm a thing of the past.

When you are swishing, excess oil satiates your lips and acts as a spa ritual for the inner and outer mouth.

Many practicing swishers swoon over their super soft smoochers and how oil pulling helped them stay free of obnoxious dry cracking and flaking lips.

5.  It Clears Your Skin (Especially the Cheeks and Nose) – Use Oil Pulling to Help Alleviate Acne, Rosacea and Eczema

The first thing people are going to see when they look at you is your face. How confident are you with your complexion? Is there anything that has you asking “oh no, if only I didn’t have this blemish!” when you meet someone for the first time? Ladies, does your monthly cycle always come with visitors to your face?

How would swishing oil in your mouth give you clearer skin you ask? Well it all comes down to the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of the oil. Coconut, sesame and oregano oil are all strong antibacterial powerhouses that destroy the bad bacteria that causes acne.

It isn’t called ‘pulling’ for no reason. By swishing the oils you are thereby ‘pulling’ the toxins and bacteria from your gut and other organs, even catching some before it enters the bloodstream, and spitting them out when the session is complete. These toxins and bacteria that were stressing the body are now gone, resulting in a cleaner clearer complexion.

The anti-inflammatory effects of oil pulling will also help with things like rosacea and eczema. H. pylori bacteria, stimulates a protein that causes blood vessels to dilate (rosacea). With oil pulling you remove bad bacteria and reduce the proteins, thereby reducing the redness.

6.  A Natural Face Lifting Exercise – A Daily Workout to Get Your Face Fit

The biggest surprise is toned facial muscles. I am told over and over again that a new jawline was a completely unexpected but very welcome benefit from daily swishing. After all, why spend your time toning muscles that people never get to see when you can more easily tone the part of your body that is always on show. After all, the camera is always adding weight and it always seems to show up in the cheeks and neck (hello double chin!).

We have incorporated face yoga into our swishing techniques to create a detox workout for the mouth and face. You will soon realise that you are exercising muscles in your face you didn’t realise you had.

Keep up a daily swishing routine and you will tighten up trouble spots, tone your jawline, minimize wrinkles, and make your skin appear younger and healthier. Best of all, it is all natural.

Wrap Up

So there they are, these six benefits will have you feeling ready to ‘face’ any social environment. From a day at the office to drinks afterwards, oil pulling will be the beauty secret people will ask you about, right before they start popping pictures. Are you ready to embrace the benefits and start today?

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About the Author

Christian P. Marriott

Hey there, I’m Christian. I’m the founder of The Big Fruit and live in Somerset, England. I am passionate about helping people to get their bodies back to working in a natural state. I am a fan of fitness, yoga, and coffee. I’m also interested in design, innovation and food.

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