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Boosted Tooth Powder Original Jar Plain 2

Boosted Tooth Powder Original

1.16oz (33g)

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Brush your teeth without chemicals, abrasives or peroxides and no aftertaste. A fresh natural spearmint powder that brightens your teeth and is kind to your mouth. Enjoy that polished teeth feeling all day.

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Boosted Oil Pulling Original Staged No Reflection

Boosted Oil Pulling Original

125ml / 37 fl oz / 2 wks+

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Boosted Oil Pulling Original whitens teeth, freshens breath and naturally detoxes your mouth so you can start every day with a healthy boosted smile.

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Boosted Oil Pulling XTREME – Box and Pouch

Boosted Oil Pulling XTREME

125ml / 37 fl oz / 2 wks+
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Our most powerful oil pulling blend. With black cumin oil. A stronger mint flavour, packed with the anti-microbial power of black cumin oil, a richer oil pulling blend for the most demanding.

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