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Home » FAQ » What is the Best Time of Day to Oil Pull?

What is the Best Time of Day to Oil Pull?

By The Big Fruit
Last Updated 22 March, 2018

Oil Pulling Overview

Oil pulling is an effective way to detoxify the mouth, whiten your teeth, get rid of bad breath (halitosis) and take good care of your gums on a daily basis. It removes bacteria not just from visible areas like the front of your teeth and gums but also from the deep dark recesses of your mouth that you can not see.

First thing in the morning

For many, the ideal time of day for oil pulling is first thing in the morning and on an empty stomach -to be most effective.

While you are sleeping, your body stops producing saliva to stop you from choking. Saliva is your natural defence from bacteria and therefore when you awake the level of bacteria in your mouth is elevated. Think morning breath.

Oil Pulling first thing in the morning is going to absorb a great deal of bacteria that would otherwise remain in your mouth or go through your digestive system.

Most people we work with, find that oil pulling is easiest to fit into their day by making it part of their morning routine. Although, not all choose to make it first thing.

Last thing at night

For some, their morning routines are already compacted and adding anything more to their list of tasks before getting out the door is just not going to work. For others, oil pulling just does not sit well first thing in the morning.

Oil pulling last thing at night will reduce the bacteria levels before going to sleep and can even let you wake up with fresh breath. This can be a great practice for your partner :).

Try to give yourself at least an hour after eating before you Oil Pull.

Just before you brush your teeth

The practical best time of day to oil pull is whenever you can fit it into your schedule and make it part of your daily routine.

You may find that associating your oil pulling with your existing oral hygiene is by far the easiest way to form it as a habit.

See End-To-End Oral Hygiene Routine to learn more.

While doing other tasks

Another option is to associate oil pulling with daily tasks. Good candidates for oil pulling include:

  • Washing up
  • Making dogs breakfast / dinner, or anyone else’s
  • Ironing
  • Working on the lawn
  • Vacuuming or cleaning floors
  • Or watching TV

Avoid exercise or driving and it can look odd while working at your desk in the office

On a personal note, I oil pull first thing in the morning while making dogs breakfast and making coffee. There is not need to talk and it does not add to the time I need to get ready.


Oil Pulling is not a programme. You can not oil pull for 14 days and then stop – thinking that your mouth is cleansed – any more than you can stop brushing your teeth. To get the full benefits of oil pulling,  maintain it as a daily routine.

Try to find a time when you can oil pull without it being a chore.

My recommendation is to update your morning oral hygiene routine.. It’s a great start to the morning.

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