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What is the Consistency of Boosted Oil Pulling?

By The Big Fruit
Last Updated 1 March, 2018

Boosted Oil Pulling Consistency

Being completely natural and unprocessed, the consistency of Boosted Oil Pulling will vary depending on the temperature at which it has been stored or transported.

At normal room temperature the consistency will be a liquid. At cooler temperatures, the consistency can be firm to solid.

The coconut oil becomes solid before the other oils as it cools. While cooling, this can cause a rough consistency but the coconut oil will melt in your mouth quickly.

Warming the Pouch

You can use Boosted Oil Pulling whether it is liquid or firm without warming. But, when stored in very cold conditions, the oil will be solid.

To return Boosted Oil Pulling to a liquid, either run the pouch under a hot tap for a while or leave it in a sink of warm water.

Please AVOID using the microwave.

Our Philosophy

Boosted Oil Pulling has been designed to be the purest, most effective oil pulling product available on the market. It replaces chemical based products with a way to whiten your teeth and freshen your breath while being nurturing to your lips, gums, cheeks and tongue.

No shortcuts have been taken choosing the ingredients or in the way the oils are blended.

We refuse to use chemicals in the blending process, homogenisation or heat treatment (beyond warming coconut oil anyway).

We value the effectiveness of our range of Boosted Oil Pulling products over convenience or shelf life.

We could have stabilised the consistency, but this would have adversely affected the results of using the products.

Boosted Oil Pulling Ingredients

Only botanical oils are used in Boosted Oil Pulling. No artificial flavours or artificial anything else for that matter. Nor do we use stabilisers, emulsifiers or fractionated coconut oils. No nasties, only the good stuff.

We use 100% natural ingredients. 99.8% of which are certified organic by the Soil Association. The last pesky .2% is just not possible.

How Boosted Oil Pulling is Blended

The coconut oil is warmed and the oils gently blended over a long period. This avoids any heat generated from rapid mixing. The blending process does not include the use of chemicals or homogenisation.

After blending, the oils remain as nature intended and ready to go-to-work.


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Digging A Little Deeper

What is the 0.2% that is not organic?

We use tocopherol which is a natural form of vitamin E and required ingredient by the EU for any oral cosmetic that contains a member of the mint family. Although our tocopherol is the highest quality, there are no suppliers who can provide certification that this is organic.

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