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Home » FAQ » Does Oil Pulling Prevent Morning Breath?

Does Oil Pulling Prevent Morning Breath?

By The Big Fruit
Last Updated 2 March, 2018

What is Morning Breath?

Waking up next to someone with morning breath, or of course, someone waking up next to you with morning breath is an awkward and unpleasant yet common experience.

Morning breath for most people is the result of bacteria on the back of the tongue. the bacteria expel a sulphur compound which is then carried out on your breath. There is a deep technical explanation for this, but it was best explained to me as being millions of tiny bacteria farts that you breathe over other people.

Bad breath is millions of tiny bacteria farts that you breathe over other people – Anonymous

What Causes Morning Breath?

Saliva is the your first line of defence when it comes to cleansing the mouth and keeping the bacteria population under control. When you sleep, you stop producing the saliva, otherwise you would choke in your sleep. This then allows the bacteria population to positively boom. The bacteria that causes bad breath generally prefers to colonise at the back of the tongue and quickly get to work creating their sulphur based emissions. These are carried out on your breath which gently wafts over your partner or any other lucky individual who happens to pass your way in the morning.

Can Morning Breath be Made Any Worse?

Yes. If you sleep with your mouth open or snore, you will most likely have dry mouth. This is an open invitation for bacteria and the population will grow far more quickly. Dry mouth can also be caused from using some mouthwashes – there is an irony here I am sure.

Can Oil Pulling Prevent Morning Breath?

Oil Pulling is a great way to reduce the bacteria in the mouth without causing dry mouth. But, if you oil pull in the morning then it has a limited impact on bacteria build up over night although it does help.

For oil pulling to keep morning breath to a minimum you need to oil pull last thing at night. This will keep the bacteria levels to a minimum before you sleep, but assuming you don’t use an alcohol based mouthwash after, it will leave your lips, gums, cheeks and tongue moisturised with an anti-bacterial oil that helps prevent  bacteria from re-colonising.

As an aside, if you are going to eat curries, other smelly foods, smoke or load up with carbs before you go to bed, oil pulling can only help you so much with morning breath. I suggest keeping some tic-tacs on your bedside cabinet.

What Can I Do About It?

1) Drink more water. When you dehydrate, saliva is one of the first areas to suffer – and saliva is good to maintain better smelling breath.

2) Reduce your carb intake. Bacteria lives on carbs, a nice bit of cake, some fruit, a pizza is all good to feed and energise your bacteria. Remove these sources of bacteria nibbles and you will slow down both their rate of reproducing and creating smells.

3) Oil Pull last thing at night. You can try our Boosted Oil Pulling or just use a tablespoon of unrefined coconut oil.

4) On those occasions when you really really really don’t want morning breath, think carefully about what you eat the night before.

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