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Home » FAQ » How Much Oil Should I Use When Oil Pulling?

How Much Oil Should I Use When Oil Pulling?

By The Big Fruit
Last Updated 19 March, 2018

Or, how much oil is too much?

The rule of thumb when you oil pull is that your mouth should not feel like you are straining to keep everything in at any point, nor feel like you have a sip of something in your mouth when you have finished.

So, this is another one of those – “it depends” answers, but read on as there is an easy way to find out.

We all have different sized mouths, we oil pull for different lengths of time and with differing degrees of vigour. Each influences how much oil you will want to use.

2 oil pulling techniques

Also, there are two main types of oil pulling technique. 1) Holding a mouthful of oil and keeping it still. This is known as ‘Gandoosha’. It’s much harder than it sounds and you use a lot of oil. 2) the far more popular practice is swishing oil around your mouth, sometimes called ‘Kavala’.

I will focus on swishing.

The important thing is not how much oil you start with but how full your mouth is when you are finished.

You will finish up with more than you started with

As you swish, you will produce saliva and this along with debris and other – shall we say ‘stuff’ – mixes with the oil. If you swish for 15 to 20 minutes you can almost double the amount of oil that you started with. This is where less-is-more really can make sense.

An easy and comfortable way to figure out how much you need

Start with a small amount – not much more than a teaspoonful and start swishing. How long you swish for and how vigorously, will determine how full your mouth is when you are finished.

If your mouth is uncomfortably full while you are swishing – you used too much. If you reach the end and your mouth feels a little empty, then you did not use enough.

Adjust how much you use each time you practice until you finish with the right amount.

Oil pulling should not feel like a chore

For some oil pulling is calming. Don’t use so much oil that you feel like you have been to the gym when you are finished. Your mouth should feel fresh and invigorated not tired.

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