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Home » FAQ » Why Shouldn’t I Spit Oil into the Sink?

Why Shouldn’t I Spit Oil into the Sink?

By The Big Fruit
Last Updated 5 April, 2017

When you have finished oil pulling. You need to discard the oil. You never swallow it.

This is a primary function of oil pulling. Swishing the oil in your mouth, absorbing bacteria and toxins and then simply expelling the oil out through your mouth. This avoids the bacteria and toxins making their way through your digestive system and the inevitable response from your body’s own immune system.

There are two good reasons that you would not want to spit the oil into the sink after oil pulling.

  1. The oil is potentially loaded with bacteria, toxins and other unpleasantries that were absorbed during the oil pulling process. Far better to spit this directly into the bin and avoid areas that you share with your dishes, hands, and food.
  2. Sinks and toilets have U-bends. Oil is heavier than water and can settle at the bottom of the u-bend which in turn causes an obstruction.

Coconut oil is by far, the worst offender here. When you spit it out, it is in liquid form, but, when coming into contact with cool water it quickly solidifies which can block the pipes.


Oil Blocking U-Bend
Oils are heavier than water and can accumulate at the bottom of the U-bend. This is especially true of oils such as coconut oil that quickly solidify when coming into contact with cold or even cool water.

If you do pour or spit oil into the sink causing a blockage. You can attempt to clear it yourself by pouring hot water through or if this does not work, try using a detergent.

First. Try running very hot water into the sink and keep it running until the oil melts and is carried away.

Note, do not let the water run into the plug hole while it is warming up. This will nullify the heating effect of the hot water. Wait until the water is running hot or pour from a kettle.

Failing this. Try using a liquid detergent. Liquid detergent can emulsify the oil freeing it up to be washed away.

Pour the liquid detergent into the sink. Leave for 10-15 mins then pour hot water through until the blockage is cleared. The oil will turn into globules and is carried away.


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Digging A Little Deeper

What is a detergent?

A detergent is a soap without the fat. So when it comes into contact it forms soap.

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