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What Does Oil Pulling Really Do?

By The Big Fruit
Last Updated 12 March, 2018

Oil pulling really does only 4 things.

When people talk about what oil pulling does, they are usually describing the benefits rather than what oil pulling actually does.

Here are a few of the benefits from oil pulling:

  • Whitens or brightens your teeth
  • Freshens bad breath
  • Improves the health of the gums, the cheeks, the lips and the tongue
  • Helps with sinus issues and allergies
  • Improves your complexion
  • Helps alleviate hangovers
  • Helps prevent and clear up the symptoms of migraines
  • Reduces dry mouth
  • Helps prevent and speeds up the recovery of mouth ulcers

Hows does one practice bring so many benefits?

Many problems, one cause

Many problems in the mouth and body stem from the same cause – the mouth is overloaded with bacteria and toxins and the body can not effectively cope.

When you remove the overload of bacteria from the mouth, you resolve a long list of problems.

That said, if you are searching on the Internet, there are many outrageous claims made about oil pulling along with just about everything else. Oil pulling will not fix everything you read on the Internet.

Many problems stem from the same cause. The mouth is overladed with bacteria

Why has this become a problem now?

The problem has become more of an issue over the last few decades. The mouth is the entry point for almost all bacteria. The mouth is warm and moist and makes for a great place for bacteria to colonise in and hang out. Bacteria love carbs. A nice bit of cake, fizzy drinks, most processed foods and even fruit are all gladly accepted. Our modern diets of convenience food and sugary drinks is creating an ideal feasting and breeding ground for bacteria and this increased growth is outpacing our mouth’s ability to cope with the bacteria population or the toxic byproducts they create.

4 things that oil pulling does

1) Kills bacteria, fungi and parasites

High quality botanical oils are naturally anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-parasitic. They kill bad bacteria and fungi but can differentiate between good and bad bacteria.

Nature differentiates between good and bad bacteria. The good bacteria that our mouths and bodies need remains unharmed.

2) Mixes with and collects the biofilm of bacteria and toxins

Bacteria have oily outer-membranes and oils mix. But, oils stay separated from water and alcohol. Mouthwashes being water and/or alcohol based will only wash over bacteria. The botanical oils quickly mix with the bacteria making it easy to expel.

3) Moisturises and nurtures the lips, gums, cheeks and tongue

The soft tissues in our mouth easily absorb healthy botanical oils in the same way as the skin on our faces absorb moisturisers. The natural vitamin E and other nutrients nurtures and moisturises them. This has an immediate effect on reducing dry mouth.

4) Leaves a protective shield in the mouth

The lips, gums, cheeks and tongue are left moisturised with an anti-microbial shield and healthy flora, that slows down the bacteria from re-colonising. This leaves your mouth looking, feeling and smelling good throughout the day.

Bacteria cannot adjust or mutate to become resistant to nature’s own anti-microbial elements.

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