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Black Cumin Oil

Black caraway

INCI: Nigella Sativa Oil

Black cumin seed oil or Nigella Sativa also referred to as Black Caraway is the original food, cosmetic and remedy of the rich and famous. Found amongst treasured items entombed with King Tut to aid him in the afterlife, also said to have been used by Cleopatra, Queen Nefertiti and Hippocrates.

This is one of the most beneficial natural substances you should incorporate into your life.

Quoted as being the remedy for everything but death.

Black Cumin oil is said to also reduce mucous in the mouth and eliminate mouth sores. Taken on its own, we are the first to say the taste is not great. But, added to our range of Boosted Oil Pulling and Gum & Tooth Powder products, you taste the cool Peppermint while the black cumin oil goes to work.


Boosted Oil Pulling XTREME

125ml / 37 fl oz / 2 wks+

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Our most powerful oil pulling blend. With black cumin oil. A stronger mint flavour, packed with the anti-microbial power of black cumin oil, a richer oil pulling blend for the most demanding.

We use black cumin oil in: