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Peppermint Oil


INCI: Mentha Piperita Oil

Peppermint oil is described as the world’s oldest medicine.

It has a stronger taste and a higher level of menthol than spearmint, making it a strong combatant against oral bacteria, fungi, and parasites. Peppermint oil provides great protection from halitosis. It is a key ingredient used to clear up bad breath. But, must be used in moderation and not applied in neat form to the skin or mouth.

It is soothing and antimicrobial and often used in lip balms to help clear up chapped lips.

Want Fresh Breath in the Morning?

Try Boosted Oil Pulling at Night!

Boosted Oil Pulling Original

125ml / 37 fl oz / 2 wks+

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Boosted Oil Pulling Original whitens teeth, freshens breath and naturally detoxes your mouth so you can start every day with a healthy boosted smile.

We use peppermint oil in: